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As an affirmative business, the only eligibility requirement is that applicants be diagnosed with a mental illness and seeking treatment by a mental health team and/or practitioner.
VOCEC has been providing rehabilitative work opportunities since 1993. 
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Positions Currently Available

We're currently hiring cafe associates, kitchen associates and car wash associates! For more information, review the position descriptions below.

Don't want to wait? Browse a full list of positions and submit your application today. We'll hold on to it for 6 months and review it against future openings.

Car Wash Associate

Contract Factory Associate

The Car Wash Associate works in a team environment to carefully wash customers vehicles all by hand.

Associates ensure we consistently turn out clean, dry and shiny vehicles that satisfy our valued customers.   
The Contract Factory Associate is responsible for packaging, labelling and shipping industrial parts for train cars and locomotives.
Job Description
Job Description

Café Associate

Food Service Associate - Kitchen

Working in one of our three cafés, The Café  Customer Service Associate is responsible for operating the café including preparing and serving food and beverages to patrons, cash handling, and customer service.
Working in a commercial kitchen, the Food Service Associate is responsible for safe food handling, food preparation, serving, dishwashing, and other related duties.   
Job Description
Job Description

VOCEC Print Associate

Little Green Thumb Associate

Using Photoshop. the VOCEC Print Associate designs and produces print materials according to customer orders and requests.   
The Little Green Thumb Associate works in a team environment to carry out public and private landscaping projects from spring until fall. Associates help create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces that are enjoyed all summer long.
Job Description
Job Description

Warehouse Distribution

Cleaning Associate

The Warehouse Distribution Associate  receives and ships a variety of goods, organizes the loading dock and distribution centre.
Working alone or in teams, the VOCEC Cleaning Associate cleans commercial properties for clients.
Job Description
Job Description